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EasyTask Manager Change Log                         

Version 1.9.3

- Fixed problem when importing from Online Sync missing some tasks.
- Table remembers columns order.
- Fixed problem when adding categories named the same as the main categories or a context.
- Online Sync no longer uses AppleScript. Works better with Leopard.
- Fixed problem with printing missing last page if partially filled.

Version 1.9.0

- Added Preference to move tasks not completed Yesterday to Today.
- Improved sync online for iPhone.

Version 1.8.6

- Now you can switch control of the Calendar section from Start Date to Due Date.
- Fixed color coding with Due Date.

Version 1.8.4

- Shows tasks in Projects for all Sub-Projects.
- Fixed online sync of Notes.
- Fixed bug with some internatinal date formats.

Version 1.8

- Added outline (Projects / Contexts) online sync. Will sync new additions.
You still need to delete manually.
- Added access online to data from www.easytaskmanager.net. Please note that
you can't add new tasks or edit current one due to different time zone
issues. This will be added soon.
- Changed online sync system from FTP to HTTP POST. Works better with
- Added new Preference to have due/start dates off by default (General
tab in Preferences).
- Fix problem with drawer saving non-dated tasks (was adding dates).
- Change pop-up calendar button to icon.
- Took out OK button from pop-up calendar. Now clicking on date will select
- Sorting now works both ways when clicking on columns headers.
- Fixed Importance sorting.
- Added new General tab in preferences which includes color coding.
- Added color coding by Importance.
- Added color coding by due date.
- Added alternating row colors to table.
- Added Status field to tasks (Next Action, On Hold, Inactive).
- Added color coding by Status field / Next action flag.
- Added Next Actions section under Calendar.
- Fix problem with wrapping long lines on printed report.
- Added option to print notes on report. There is an option on
Preferences to do so.
- Fixed bug with preference Do Not sync to iCal

Version 1.7.7

- Fixed bug with no due dates when importing from iCal.
- Better looking User Interface.

Version 1.7.6

- Integrates with Quicksilver. For instructions see the Instructions file inside the
Quicksilver folder

Version 1.7.5

- New Search function added (like iTunes).
- Improved printing. Native support. Different paper sizes including 3x5 cards.
- Completed tasks get time stamped upon completion.
- Tasks with no "Start Date" won't show up in "Older" or "Next 7 Days" Calendar sections.
- Included today in the "Next 7 Days".
- Minor UI improvements.
- Added "Visit our Website" to Help menu

Version 1.7.1

- Fixed problem with sync indicator never stopping. Minor bug in code.
- Now Projects/Context changes/edits save on every edit.
- Added Due Date to print out.
- Fixed other minor bugs with Online Sync.

Version 1.7.0

Online Sync
Allows you to sync your data with an online server. From there you can sync multiple copies of ET.
You can also use this as an external backup for your data. In the near future you'll be able to
access your data online too. This is the biggest change on this new version so most of the problems
will be here. To use this new feature you need to create an account online at www.easytaskmanager.net
Then enter the information (email and password) on your local copy of ET. For more information
about Online Sync see this page


Multiple selection
Now you can change the settings on multiple tasks at the same time:
- To Delete/Complete select tasks and click on Delete/Complete
- To change Due Date select tasks and change the Due Date in the drawer. Click save.
- To change Start Date (was Cal Date) select tasks and drag into Day in Calendar section
- To change Project/Context select tasks and drag into Project/Context


Added Project page
If you select a Project on the outline you'll be able to set some preferences. I'll add some more
options later on.


Other Changes
- Bug Fix: Update drawer when Deleting/Completing task
- Added version number to plist to show in preview mode
- Changed Cal Date to Start Date
- Tabbing into the project/context list boxes works now and it auto-completes.
- Main window remembers size and position
- When closing program window fades out slowly
- Added preferences for Online Sync
- Created new Tools menu and moved all syncs commands there.
- Added fix for European dates in the dd.mm.yy format
- Added undo to notes field in Edit task window
- Bug Fix: Fixed completing task with same day Recurrence
- Bug Fix: Some errors with recurrence date ca


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