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Information about EasyTask for the iPhone.

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EasyTask runs on both Mac and Windows. Plus with the Online Sync you can sync multiple computers (Macs or Windows). Have a Windows machine at work and a Mac at home? No problem, with EasyTask you can keep both in sync. The same sync works between Mac and Mac and Windows and Windows.


What will EasyTask Manager do for YOU?

Increase your Productivity
By knowing exactly what needs to be done and when you don't
have to waste time and energy keeping track of things.

Get things out of your head. Clear your mind
Keep your lists in EasyTask. Clear your mind of all the clutter
that is stopping you from increasing your productivity and
reducing your stress.

Reduce your Stress
Knowing that you are not forgetting anything will make a difference. Your mind will be clear to concentrate on the next Task at hand.

Have more Energy
By not wasting energy trying to remember your Projects and Tasks. You instead spend that energy accomplishing more in your life.

Don't ever forget another appointment
With a clear list and a mind like water you won't forget another appointment or Task


Very easy to use:
Don't waste time learning one of those
complicated programs. With EasyTask Manager you can get
started right away. Beautiful user interface: We have designed EasyTask to be easy on your eyes. Using tools that look good
makes you more productive and happy. GTD (Getting Things Done) Compatible: Are you a GTD user. Great! EasyTask is design specifically for GTD use.
Synchronize to iCal/Outlook or Synchronize multiple Computers (Mac or Windows): Take your Tasks anywhere with you, iPhone, paper, PDA or any other SmartPhone.


  Other user's Comments

New York Magazine
Best Bets Daily
I'm happy to recommend EasyTask Manager, a clever, easy-to-use, cleanly designed to-do-list manager that works on both PCs and Macs.

S. Dumenco

"Wow Absolutely Fantastic
I've been waiting for this for at least three years. The other attempts at doing this have either been clunky or windows-only or both. Finally."
Ted Pearlman

"Best to do program ever
This is without a doubt the best to do list program I have ever used. It opens easily and fast, allows me to review tasks by type (phone calls, meetings, errands, etc.) or by day, or importance."

"Easy Task Manager is easily the most intuitive personal project manager I’ve ever used."


What is EasyTask Manager:
EasyTask is a To-Do list that supports the GTD (“Getting Things Done”) method. Take control
of your life by knowing exactly what's on your To-Do list for the day and what you need to do
next in order to move your projects forward.
You can order tasks or actions by project or context.
A context is the place or toolset that you need in order to finish a task or action. For example: Are
you sitting at your computer wondering what it was you needed to do? With EasyTask just look at
the "Computer" context to see all the things in your To-Do list that you can accomplish while sitting
at your computer. Are you waiting at the doctor's office with some time and your cell phone at hand?
Look at your EasyTask "Phone" context and get to work.

You can also sort tasks or actions by days of the week. So when you wake up in the morning you know
exactly what you need to accomplish that day.

There is nothing more annoying than knowing that there was something that you needed to do but
can't remember what it was. Clear your mind of all its little lists and let EasyTask take care of them
for you. Move through your day, confident that you are not forgetting anything. With EasyTask you
can print your To-Do list on paper to take with you.

Current users can upgrade here.

EasyTask Manager requires Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) / Windows 2000 or later.

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